How do I CC another person in a SupportPath ticket?

On some occasions, you may want another person from your organisation to see what’s happening in and be able to add comments to a ticket that you have created in SupportPath.  Unfortunately, it is not possible to CC someone while you are logged into SupportPath, but you can by using email.

You can CC another person when you first create the ticket by email, or at any point afterwards until the ticket is closed.

To CC when you first email the request to us, put in the ‘To’ field, and in the 'CC' field, put the email address of the person or people you want to CC on the ticket.

To CC at some point after the ticket was created, you will need to go to the most recent email you have received from SupportPath that notifies you about the relevant ticket.  If you then press reply, you will be able to add the person you want to CC in the 'CC' field.  Type a message as well.  If you do not need to add a comment, then just type something like 'I have copied [name] on this message'.  The message will be added as a comment on the ticket.

If, for any reason, you would rather log into SupportPath and not submit or update requests by email, you can send us a message and we can CC someone on the message for you.

Anyone who has been CC’d on a ticket will be able to add comments and will be emailed a notification when the ticket is updated.

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