Changes in the U.K. Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003?

Many of our clients have asked us how the latest changes to the U.K. Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003  affect them and their websites.

Please read this article on our blog, Stripey: What's in the future for cookies;  It outlines guidance on the affect of the changes. You will find some insight to give you piece of mind.

All clients who have Site Management Support contracts can ask for us to do a review with recommendations using the Site Management time.  We'll be contacting you over the next week to offer to do this for you.  Though in the mean time please don't hesitate to open up a support request to instruct us to go ahead and do this for you.

Best wishes, WiseTiger.


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    Andy S


    The law changes came into effect as of the 26th of May this year. So have now changed. However, the government has indicated that the law will not be strictly enforced for about a year. This is to give website owners an opportunity to, interpret, understand and implement any changes required to comply.

    We're keeping a close eye on the development of this, especially on the interpretations arising, and will be keeping everyone informed of our take on what's required. For clients with a Site Management contract we will be offering to complete a review of your site based upon our understanding of the requirements as they develop. I'm going to be issuing an update to my last Blog post this week to keep everyone posted but in the mean time here is the link a BBC article outlining the 'year for implementation' being provided for.

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