Integrate Social Media into your email marketing campaigns with our latest update.


Many companies are using social media to reach their audience. Now you can integrate this with your email marketing campaigns. With integration between your social media and email marketing efforts you can obtain higher results and have your message shared more easily than ever before.

All existing Giraffemail users have had this update rolled out to them automatically as part of our ongoing efforts to keep them up to date with the latest must have techniques and features. Why not join them?

Read our blog (stripey) for a good overview of The Power of Integrating Email Marketing with Social Media.

Key Features of the Social Media Update:

  • Real-time social reaction analysis
  • Social segmenting
  • Automated social reactions
  • Facebook Like button
  • Facebook subscription forms
  • Social sharing in your emails

Read about these feature upgrades on our Giraffemail upgrade announcement in the Giraffemail forum.

Call us on 01252 731330 if you'd like to take advantage of the integration of Social Media and Email Marketing with Giraffemail from WiseTiger.

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