Hosting Issue - Slow connection - RESOLVED

Our Data Centre has reported an issue with their ISP this morning, caused by part of the UK Internet backbone going down.

The websites and mail were unavailable earlier this morning due to the connection issue. Currently all the sites and mail are available again, but somewhat slower as they are running a backup internet connection until their primary connection is restored.

All the engineers are working on this issue and we will post updates on the issue as we receive them.

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    UPDATE 11:30am

    Because of the slow connection that users will be experiencing when visiting your website, we would encourage all our clients not to make any content changes until this issue is resolved. This ensures that any available bandwidth is available for your customers who are visiting your website.

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    RESOLVED 14:35pm

    We are pleased to report that the earlier ISP issue has been resolved and the Data Centre connection is back to full speed.

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