How to write 'Meta Tags' as a good basis for search rankings


Page Title: (40 – 90 characters, top keywords, do not repeat the same keywords more than 3 times)________________________________________
Shephards Bush Housing Group Home
Page Description: (150 – 200 characters or not over 20 words or not over 3 lines)
Keywords or Keyphrases: (Max. 1,000 characters or 50 words or not over 8 lines)

There are various Meta Tags that are evaluated by search engines but there are really only 3 main 'Meta Tags' that you should focus on.

The 'Title' Tag : This should be 40 – 90 characters long and should be 'a heading style' sentence containing the top keyword(s)/phrase(s) for that page. Do not repeat the same keywords more than 3 times. - ideally you should focus on 1 or two keywords/phrases per page.

The  'Description' Tag: This should be 150 – 200 characters long or not over 20 words. Again this should contain the top key phrases for the page but not more that 3 to 4 times.  

The 'Keywords' Tag: Max. 1,000 characters or 50 words, however it is better to stick to relevant keywords/phrases for the page rather than just stuffing this tag with as many words as possible.

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