Why do you keep asking us to produce "Regular Content"?


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Regular Content Matters

Publishing regular content – news stories, blogs, social media, videos – is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing today. It’s an essential component of keeping your products and services visible in both search and social.

We know it’s a drain on resources. We know you’d rather just do what you do. But if you want to win new clients and customers online, it’s important. Here’s why.

Search Visibility

Publishing regular content on your website keeps you more visible on search results for two reasons:

  1. Google likes fresh content
  2. Content can be used to establish keyword relevancy

Google is biased to favour fresher material. They don’t want their results getting stale, so if your site hasn’t been updated in months, they’ll push you down the rankings. The last thing they want is to send users out of date content, or worse, a shuttered business.

But content can also be used to bolster your wider search strategy. By allowing content to be keyword-led, you can increase your site’s relevancy for the search terms you’re targeting – which should push you further up the Google’s rankings.

For example, let’s say we’re targeting ‘online marketing’. We could publish a series of online marketing tutorials with titles like ‘Online Marketing School – SEO Basics’, ‘Online Marketing School – Social Basics’. We get to keep repeating ‘online marketing’ and other relevant keywords, showing Google again and again that we’re highly relevant for people searching for ‘online marketing’.

Social Visibility

If anything, it’s even more important to publish regularly on social. Feeds move fast and memory fades just as quick. If you want to stay visible, you have to keep publishing.

Every time you post something on social, it serves two marketing functions:

  1. It reminds people you exist
  2. It helps you build authority in your niche

Think of it as a slow drip-feed of your expertise. Whether that’s in curating content (i.e. linking to other people’s stuff) or publishing your own, you’re slowly building up a picture of your brand in people’s minds as the place to go for swimming lessons/student accommodation/career advice.

Once people are convinced of that, appearing regularly in their feeds puts you front and centre next time they need swimming lessons/student accommodation/career advice. Otherwise, they might just go back to Google.

And by attracting likes/shares/retweets you get yourself in front of even more eyeballs – which you’re more likely to do if you publish more.

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